Networking South East

How will joining a BoB Club help my business?



Members of your BoB club become your unpaid marketing team, actively seeking new business opportunities and referrals for you.


Our structured, supportive, professional meetings are a great place to gain practical advice & learn valuable business skills whilst enjoying yourself.


Word of mouth recommendation & referral is and will remain the best way to win new business.

The Best Business is Referred Business!

Business over Breakfast Clubs (BoB Clubs) really do work for our members

You’ve just discovered the easier and quicker way to find new business.

Business over Breakfast provides friendly and supportive meetings that are structured, energetic and business focused. We firmly believe in the collaborative approach, concentrating on the synergies within our meetings to create opportunities.

Promote your services and products through other local business people.

Our members are continually referring business to each other by promoting and recommending other members products and services.

As well as finding referrals, improving presentation skills and boosting your confidence you will form strong relationships with professional people who are happy to help you.

BoB club meetings are held every TWO weeks

Our fortnightly meetings provide the platform to network in a professionally structured environment that is relaxed and pressure free, giving you plenty of time to help generate referrals for other members.

At each meeting, every member, is given 60-90 seconds to do a quick presentation about their business. Each meeting also includes one member giving a 10 minutes comprehensive 'Showcase' presentation about their business.

There's NO PRESSURE to make referrals at each and every meeting. That sort of pressure only encourages worthless referrals that aren't worth pursuing.

BoB clubs focus on QUALITY referrals, not QUANTITY, so members are free to network without undue pressure